Government Engagement

Full suite of government engagement and communications counsel

Timely policy advice and political analysis

Stakeholder analysis and management

Development and execution of long term strategic engagement plans

One-on-one training

Intensive short courses tailored specifically to your business and/or industry

Cover the basics of government engagement and key principles of successful strategic communications

Position your business or organisation to maximise opportunities and stand out from the crowd

Strategic Communication

Design and execution of short term communication and engagement plans

Accelerate your organisation’s strategic objectives

Preparation of parliamentary inquiry submissions or strategic communications pieces

Media and communications support


Essential training to raise candidate profile and execute a well-coordinated campaign

Cover campaigning basics and receive tailored support

Preparation of campaign plans and implementation guidance

Running an effective political campaign office

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Tailored support, professional guidance

Our services are always tailored specifically to meet our clients' unique needs and requirements. We have experience implementing long term strategic objectives, as well as developing one-off briefs to support organisational decision making. Whether your business is looking for ongoing advice or support, or in need of short term assistance around a specific policy objective, speak to us about how our range of services and programs can benefit you.

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